Thursday, May 19, 2011

Call on Food Network and sponsors to stop showing programs featuring horsemeat or foie gras

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  • Superstore/Loblaws/Presidents Choice Brands
  • president, GE Canada(Elyse Allan)




president, Shaw Media
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Food Network created a firestorm of controversy this past week in insisting on airing a program featuring horsemeat and foie gras as "French cuisine". Both are produced through animal cruelty.  The Food Network's program Top Chef Canada aired Monday, May 16. The program has angered both horse advocates and animal welfare groups across the globe.
Foie gras is diseased duck liver produced by force feeding ducks using a feeding tube thrust down their throats several times a day until they are too fat to even stand up. The liver becomes hugely swollen and the animals suffer terribly including lacerations of the throat, nerve damage, and difficulty breathing or even moving. They are also many times held in dark, filthy conditions while they endure this abuse.
It is well-established that horses are typically conscious when slaughtered and suffer incredible abuse even before they arrive at the slaughter house. It is an outdated, cruel process that should be banned. Also, horses are not raised as food animals and research shows horse meat is likely to contain drugs that are illegal in food animals. For more information -
Call on Food Network and President's choice to stop using horsemeat and foie gras on future programs.
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