Thursday, May 26, 2011

Senator Blocks Obama’s Chief Wild Horse Hater’s Pay Raise

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(In My Most Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Louisiana Senator Has Had Enough of Salazar’s BS

Ya gotta love it; you might not agree with why Louisiana Senator David Vitter is blocking former rancher, now Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ken Salazar’s pay hike but you have to admire him for taking a stand and putting it all out on the table. The good Senator’s privates must clank when he walks because he sure is proving to be made of solid steel as he stands up against this current inept and do nothing administration. Vitter’s reason for denying the government’s Chief Wild Horse Hater from an increase in his salary can be summed up in one simple and to the point quote, “completely unsatisfactory” performance.
Now, of course, Sen. Vitter is speaking to the ridicules and poorly managed response by Salazar to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill of last year and the resulting knee-jerk reaction of shutting down all offshore drilling while the country strives for energy independence from mid-east terrorist sponsoring nations. But we wild horse advocates would sure like to get a great big piece of that “Suffer Butthead, Suffer” pie.
Sen. Vitter has in the past been extremely animal/equine friendly, along with his democratic counterpart Senator Mary Landrieu, and it now appears that he has dug his heels in and does not want Obama’s Chief Wild Horse Harasser to receive a $19,000 bump in his annual $180,000 salary so that he can be closer to the $200,000 we currently pay his fellow Cabinet members to screw up the country and not pay a damn bit of attention to the wishes of the American people. Senator Vitter, I love you.
Even under the threat of legal action from the inane Obama administration Vitter spokesman Luke Bolar said:
“I urge the Obama administration to prosecute. They’ll make fools of themselves in court and make my boss a Louisiana folk Hero at the same time.”
I can’t argue with that as regardless of your political persuasion you have to applaud the Senator from Louisiana for standing up to not only one of the most environmentally unfriendly politicians of all time but to an administration that promised us change only to give us more of the same with extra helpings of mediocrity for good measure.
Hats off to you Senator, you might not be able to hear them but the wild horses and burros are applauding you too as they know, as well as us, that Director Salazar is no friend to our national icons and serves only one master, that being the almighty, special interest dollar.
Eat horse poop and hurl, Kenny, you deserve a little bit of your own medicine as millions of us have asked for a moratorium on your bloody wild horse roundups and all you have done is just said “No”. So now it’s our turn, baby, and from across this country we stand behind the Senator and scream from the rooftops with a very loud and eloquent “NO”, in return…you just ain’t worth the friggen money.

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