Sunday, May 22, 2011

Equine Advocacy Proves It Has Clout

This is a must-read from R.T Fitch.

Straight from the Horse's heart

(In my most Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Collective Honesty Wins Big for the Horses and Burros

I had intended to give you a few Sunday jollies by sharing some of the ludicrous and spiteful hate mail that has come my way supporting bloody, predatory horse slaughter and the BLM’s managed extinction of our American Mustangs and wild burros.  On their face value they are absolutely hilarious as they are “our” best tool in displaying the fact that only the sick and mentally challenged would ever center their lives around the destruction of another species and enjoy seeing it as it circles the drain.  (Look at Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette, they are our best advertisement for the what sort of damage eating drug laden horse flesh can do to the body and mind of a human being )
But as I copied and pasted the smears and perversion into my comments it quickly came to mind that there was nothing funny about such mindsets, at all, hands down, full stop.  In fact, the dark cruelty that such tortured souls ranted on about pulled me down with them as it compelled me to be angry at the lies, flustered at the stupidity and pissed off at the fact that they are members of the same species as I.  So I hit delete; you deserve better than that today and I will have no part of spreading their filth.  Today is a day to celebrate.
You special people won two tremendous victories for the horses, this past week.  You have proven that if enough honest people get behind a thought, a movement, a premise that is right and just, you can make a difference and by God you all surely did just that.
AB329 in Nevada went away thanks to your efforts.  Federally protected wild horses and burros will not be deprived of water by the special interest groups that prowl the capitol and slither across ranges of Nevada.  Those who want to steal your national heritage and the future of your children suffered a setback and were exposed for the thieves and crooks that they are.  Welfare Ranching must go away and it needs to disappear off from our public lands, now.  With the parasitical ranchers gone there may be a glimmer of hope left for the few remaining native wild horses and burros that survive on their designated land.  But in the meantime, we need to keep the fight active.  Good job troops.
HB339 in New Hampshire will now be clarified and equines will be struck from the bill regarding meat inspectors in the state.  This amendment was only made possible by the concerted and diligent efforts of equine advocates and groups who were spurred onto success by the likes of Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette supporting the miswritten earlier bill.  Again, the two lowlifes are the best thing to ever happen to movement to stop equine cruelty, anytime they support something bloody and ugly the sanity of the nation kicks in and literally kicks them in the ass…and trust me;    that is a target that is hard to miss.  Good on ya’ all, another great victory.
So please; take the day off, pour yourself a great big, ice cold Wrangler Iced Tea (write if you would like the recipe), revel in the moment and hug a horse because I am here to tell ya, if the horses of America could collectively give you all one huge, group hug, they would be doing it.
Drink heartily and bask in the warm glow of justice, honesty, and common sense as tomorrow is another day on the new path we are cutting to save the equines of America, it truly is not work for the weak or squeamish.
The ‘Force of the Horse©’ is obviously with all of you.

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