Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fringe Horse Eating Cult Feeds Off Food Network Frenzy

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” and “Doink” Drop their Drawers Again!

The Duke of Doink and Slaughterhouse Sue
In a recent press release the Equine Welfare Alliance echoed the outrage of the American and Canadian people at the production of a Top Chef Canada episode airing May 16th on the Food Network where the featured “classic French dish” is created with drug tainted horse meat.  Likewise Steven Long of Horseback Magazine covered the story of how a growing swell of Facebook users were compelling the Food Network to pull the upcoming episode.
The Huffington Post has picked up on this disgusting story along with many other news agency’s but right on cue, desperate for attention with butcher cleavers in hand, renegade Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her clueless lapdog Dave “Doink” Duquette open their bloody mouths and sic their sick minions on the sane animal lovers of North America.
Using the Facebook page from their defunct Horse Slaughter fest, held post-holiday season in January, Slaughterhouse and Doink show their mutual lack of any moral compass by posting the following tripe:
· Summit of the Horse    “The animal rights crowd are using their usual abusive tactics to hammer on the Food Network because they are going to feature horse meat in a show on traditional French cooking. They are attacking their sponsors and the show itself trying to get them to take it down before it happens. We need as many of you to contact them directly to show support. Go to find links. Thanks!”
Most telling of all are the handful of comments coming back from their meager list of brain dead followers: (names removed to protect the mentally challenged)
“So long as the slaughter is overseen by a professional inspector, there is no real threat of abuse. Don’t take traditions and cultures away from people. That’s not right. Why arent these people trying to save all the chickens and cows slaughtered if they are so conscerned about slaughter methods?”
“I asked some of them that same question. They told me it is different cause cows don’t know what is happening to them, lol! I told them they were full of it,they can’t be against one and ok with the other, they are all livestock, horses are no better then cows,or goats ,ect.”
” I sent letters of support to all three…. of all the livestock, pigs are the most intelligent. If any one wanted to use the intelligence card @Billie they picked the wrong type of animal to argue it with. Granted I am not saying horses aren’t intelligent, but pigs win that contest by far.”
“I didn’t know that about pigs, thats pretty cool!”
” Horse Meat….It’s Whats for Dinner!”
This dialog, and initial claim, is why these idiots are their own worse enemies and a tremendous boost for sane and normal individuals; between the bunch of them they can barely come up with a sentence that either makes sense or has correct grammar and spelling.
So, for all of you self-actualized humans out there that don’t refer to the 4th grade as their “Senior Year” you still have time to visit the Food Network’s Facebook page and at the very least get them to publish a disclaimer as to the dangers of the carcinogenic drugs that are present in butchered U.S. horse flesh…they can do that at least…but then again, if there are those that are stupid enough to eat a friend, then the hell with them.
Contact Food Network Top Chef and the sponsors GE Monogram and  Presidents Choice tell them horses are not food, that horse slaughter is cruel and barbaric and should be banned. Urge them to pull this May 16 episode.

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