Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wyoming Wild Horses in BLM Crosshairs

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

A Million Acres is not Enough for Two Horse Herds

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work ~ photo by Terry Fitch
You have got it right; the BLM wants to decimate the White Mountain and Little Colorado herds in Wyoming leaving only 274 horses on 1 million acres while allowing 6,000 cattle or 30,000 privately owned sheep to graze on your public lands, does that seem right, hell no!!
Call to Action: The BLM has released the following information –
The Bureau of Land Management has scheduled a public hearing in Rock Springs this summer to gather public input on the use of helicopters and motorized vehicles in the management of Wyoming’s wild horses.
The BLM says it plans to use helicopters to help gather wild and free-roaming horses and to conduct an aerial census. Motorized vehicles would also be used to transport the horses.
Agency officials said earlier this year that an estimated 33,000 wild horses roam freely in 10 Western states. An additional 36,000 horses are cared for in government-funded holding facilities.
Animal rights groups have criticized the roundups as inhumane, but the BLM says they are necessary to thin overpopulated herds that cause ecological damage to rangeland.
The meeting will be held at the agency’s High Desert District Office on June 21.”
Love the way they use “gather” and the annual figure of 33,000 horses that they probably counted from using Google Earth..”Hey Billy Bob, is that a boulder, cow or horse…hell, let’s call it burro for fun!”.
From reading the above release, it appears to me that we have just been invited to a party; that the gauntlet has been thrown down and perhaps we should accept this invitation to voice the truth with as much press as we can muster.  We were there for the horses in Phoenix and although the bogus board did not listen to a word that we said the public certainly did and that is precisely what we need to do here.  We most certainly should take a stand for the horses as I am fed up and don’t intend to just roll over and take it anymore.
Talk it up, chew on it and let’s spit out a plan for “gathering” in Wyoming; between the BLM and “Slaughterhouse” Sue it’s a place that needs a little good karma injected into it for a change.
Wyoming Wild Horses and Burros…here we come!!!

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