Thursday, July 14, 2011

BLM Roundup of Alleged “Estrays” in Oregon

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Information supplied by Wild Horse

Obama’s “Transparent” BLM Up to Covert Operations, AGAIN

Wild Horse Education has discovered that an unscheduled, unannounced, secret roundup was being carried out east of Baker City,(Baker County) Oregon today, July 14, 2011.  This removal of 30 to 70 horses is in the Vale BLM District.  There is a question if these “estray” horses could actually be wild horses.
“Looking at the BLM schedule, the contractor was not scheduled to fly again until August 2,” said Laura Leigh founder of Wild Horse Education “This lead us to investigate other areas where operations could be occurring.”
Marilyn Wargo was told this roundup was taking place by Vale District BLM employee Kelly Skerjanec, who said District manager Pat Ryan and BLM WH&B Specialist, Shaney Rockefeller were at this roundup.  BLM Baker City Office employee Mark Pierce confirmed that this action was set up on the ground yesterday and was carried out today.
Wargo was told the private rancher, whose property adjoins BLM land, was not claiming these horses (there was a court case in 2004 in this matter). BLM considers them feral estray.  Pierce stated this was not a BLM Oregon helicopter and that a contractor was involved and it could be the one used at Kiger/Riddle just South of Vale District. This would be the Cattoor Livestock Company.  At this time no operations official will confirm or deny the contractor.
Pierce elaborated saying: BLM intended to remove horses found only on the BLM lands and not the private property. The horses are considered “trespassers” on public land. The ranchers name was not available at this time.
Piece also said the mares with foals would be sent to Vale District and all others to Prineville.
These offices do not have holding facilities and the destination of these horses is being investigated.
Natural Resources Specialist John Raddemacher from the BLM Baker Office is in charge of this action.
Mark Wilkening of the BLM has confirmed that this operation may be going on tomorrow as well. He has informed us that the horses have no brands. Wilkening has said that this area has never had horses before.
This is in addition to discovering the pending roundup at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, in Oregon and Nevada.

Ms. Leigh is the Founder of Wild Horse, Vice President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation and writes a blog about her wild horse and burro advocacy.

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