Monday, July 4, 2011

No Independence Day for U.S. National Icons: Wild Horses and Burros

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Opinion by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation
Wild Equines Get No Holiday from Harassment, Death, Injury and Capture
It is July 4th, 2011 and I am allowed the brief respite of reflecting upon the past, some forty years ago, when on the 4th of July, 1971 an exuberant, healthy young man was contemplating what the future would hold for himself, his country and the world.  Fresh out of High School and fully enlisted in the United States Air Force this novice to the realities of life was only two days away from shipping out to boot camp and the vast mystery of military service in the United States Armed Forces.
I remember that July 4th back in 1971 very well as I was that young man and to this day I feel a warm glow when I recall the amount of pride and hope that I felt towards my country and the people who ran it…in fact, it brought me to tears during the last fireworks display that I would view as a civilian for many years.  What honor, what glory what perfection of spirit the United States exuded; I pledged my very life to protect it, the Constitution and the office of the Presidency of the United States.  Today, these feelings elude me.
This 4th of July holiday our current administration decided that it would be appropriate to violate federal law by declaring it open season upon our federally protected wild horses and burros.  Charged by Congress to protect our national icons the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been waging a war of extinction upon once millions of native wild horses and burros who’s numbers, now, have dwindled down to less than 20,000 left free with over 45,000+ being held in BLM concentration camps where the public is illegally banned from monitoring their public treasurers.  For some reason, I do not feel like celebrating the high moral standards of our country as I just don’t see anything right or just in the current administration and it’s long corrupt Department of Interior; it’s all about special interests, favors, agendas and money under the table and the horses are paying the price.
July 1 marked the beginning of the BLM’s open hunting season on wild horses and burros, smack dab in the middle of foaling season and right at the height of the summer heat; death, injury, trauma and destruction loom as the helicopters fire up to harass and tear apart herds that have been existence for centuries.  I just can’t bring myself to light a sparkler over that, not now not ever.
I think back to that starry eyed young man and wrestle with what went wrong, how did we lose control of our government and when did it become acceptable to take lies for fact and turn our heads to cruelty and mayhem…when did it become politically correct to lose our hearts and quell our spirits?  When did the country die and did anyone notice?
Can’t answer those questions but I can tell you that there is a very, very disappointed and angry veteran who is not going to stand by idly and watch the morals and principles defended by so many fine men and women become trampled upon by bloated and self-serving bureaucrats.  It just ain’t going to happen!
We have found that fighting back with polite and accurate facts and figures does not work; attempting to be present at bloody stampedes to witness for the horses doesn’t work when you are held off over a mile away, and eye to eye negotiations have failed.  Been there, done that and it’s time to move on.
This new war to save the equines is moving into the courtroom where simple discovery and the uncovering of facts will expose the federal government’s BLM to be the hornet’s nest of corruption and deceit that it really is.
Remember when you thought that the BLM had issued no-fly zones over their deadly helicopter operations so that no one could observe from above?   WRONG, a proven lie.
How about the secret, contractor holding pens where the Calico prisoners are being held and dying off remember you were told that the area was off limits to the public as per the contactor?  Wrong, public visits are part of the contractor’s contract.
Each day another layer of deceit and corruption is peeled from the onion that is Obama’s BLM, every day we get a little closer to the truth and every day we make just another little baby step closer to stopping the insane and cruel BLM from decimating what is left of our wild horses and burros.
Pick up some ammunition and join us today as it is a great day being that it is the 4th of the July.  Declare your independence from the derisiveness of the federal government and join us in the courtroom where we battle to keep the wild horses running free.  Come help hold the flag and reclaim our country as this is far bigger than just the wild horses as it goes to the heart of how the current government conducts their deceitful business and it is time to put the whole mess into a tail spin.
Come join the Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s cause and aid in funding viable legal cases against these most very un-American policies.  Let’s put the pride back into our step and our government back into the hands of the American public.  Let’s make the stand as time is running out.
Click (HERE) and join us in speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.  We can do it and we will.
Make this a 4th to remember.
May the Force of the Horse© be with us and maybe next year, we will have something substantial to celebrate!!

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