Thursday, July 28, 2011

Uncle Jack's Cats (and dogs!) IN TROUBLE! PLEASE HELP!

Uncle Jack's Cats and Sandy Sheldon

It is with a heavy heart that I pass along that Sandy with Uncle Jack's Cats has been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.  As you know the most important thing to Sandy was to find loving homes for the animals that have learned to trust her .  Many of her precious animals have been abused and have issues so she is especially concerned for their welfare.  As Sandy meets with doctors for her health care etc.  she will need some manpower to take care of the cats and dogs in her rescue.  She needs help with cleaning, feeding etc.

Sandy will also need help with getting the cats and dogs that are adoptable to adoption centers.  In the past, Sandy has made do with adoption centers close to her house.  These places do not provide the best setting nor do they have the traffic to generate a lot of adoptions.  If anyone could take some of her animals to adoption centers  that may be helpful  in finding them good homes.  Sandy is passionate about screening prospective adoptee's to make sure they have a good fit and will need some follow up help in that area as well.

Sandy has some sanctuary animals that are her biggest concern.  They will need special homes to live out their lives with people that are capable of working with the dog or cat.  Sandy has learned their personalities so that she can communicate the best situation for these pets.  Sandy will stay involved to the best of her ability and will delegate a trusted person to oversee adoptions of the cats and dogs she has now.  As you can imagine, Sandy is overwhelmed and deeply saddened with this devastating news.  All that matters to Sandy is that the animals she has are taken care of an not in jeopardy.  Sandy does not have any family that lives in Arizona.  She has been on her own fighting for the animals for a long time.  There are no words that I can think of that could possibly describe the fear, anger and anxiety that she must be feeling.  Sandy is not capable of focusing on her health unless she knows the animals are being taken care of.   I hope that many will come forward to help her out so that she can focus on her health and pray for a miracle she so deserves.

At this point Sandy needs a person to volunteer between PM-fpm to feed special needs cats, cleaning some litter boxes and close down for the night.  Volunteers have come forward for other times for now.   

  The following list are items that are necessary for her operation.  

Regular cat food supplies -Purina Cat Chow in a blue bag

Special needs cat food supplies-kidney, allergies, liver, etc

Clump Cat litter supplies

Adoptions on weekends

Transportation to Vet appointments as needed

Donations for vet expenses, phone, electric, water expenses.

Lots of prayers

Please cross post far and wide to persons that will help.  Please feel free to contact me if you are able to help in anyway so I can let Sandy and her caregivers know how to continue until all animals are carefully placed.   Cindy Keas 480-488-5705 or  I will provide more information as things develop.  Thank you for your understanding and support for Sandy.

address for drop off is 6648 W. Nancy Pl. Glendale, AZ or 6540 E. Ashler Hills Dr. Cavecreek, AZ

PLEASE help! Small animal rescue in trouble. Uncle Jack's Cats and Dogs.  Owner is in failing health. PLEASE DONATE and SHARE. Thank you!

Prayers and candles welcome:

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