Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Your Support Is Needed to Stop the BLM from Castrating Free-Roaming Stallions

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Photo by Carrol Abel, Hidden Valley Horse Protection Fund
AWHPC agrees with Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick, director of Science and Conservation Biology at Zoo Montana and a foremost authority on wildlife biology and reproduction, who stated: "The very essence of the wild horse, that is, what makes it a wild horse, is the social organization and social behaviors, which in turn were molded by millions of years of evolution. Gelding/spaying will take exactly that away and then you no longer have wild horses. . . ."
That's why we're fighting this dangerous, precedent-setting plan with all we've got.
Double your money: A generous donor has offered to match funds contributed to help AWHPC fight this latest travesty by the BLM. All donations will be used to underwrite the efforts to stop this misguided and ill-conceived plan dead in its tracks -- before it sets a precedent that will be exported to other Herd Management Areas. Please, if you can help, help today! 


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