Bravo Packing ( is a slaughter plant that supplies cattle & horse meat, bones and hides to zoos and other interested parties. Bravo Packing also operates M & S Pet Removal, a rendering service. Bravo Packing accepts and slaughters horses that could legally not be slaughtered for human consumption.
When investigators arrived at the premises, they immediately saw a large group of vultures circling over the facility and there was a strong stench of decomposing flesh. In front, large piles of different hides were visible. There was a lot of trash dumped onto and next to the premises, including parts of old slaughter equipment such as meat hooks and saws.
While the investigators observed the premises, several horse trailers and livestock trucks arrived at the facility and unloaded animals.
At one point, the investigators could hear what sounded like a horse scream in complete terror. Horrified, investigators stumbled across a barrel which contained a large number of race horse shoes with feet still attached. Inside the barrel were also many different halters and more meat saws. In the loading ramp area 2 large bison heads were found decaying on a pile of pallets.
Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this facility.

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