Saturday, October 8, 2011

Equine Welfare Alliance Today's News

Just a quick update. As I type this, we need 90 signatures on the White House petition calling for a ban on horse slaughter to hit the 5,000 mark!
On the wild horse and burro petition, we need more signatures. We are short 1,341 of the 5,000 mark.

Great work, everyone.

On Popvox we are holding steady.

Anti-slaughter house bill - we picked up one point and have 79% in support.

Anti-slaughter senate bill - 77% support

Grazing Amendment senate bill - 80% oppose. Please ask everyone to vote in oppostion on this. While the oppostion is strong, the numbers of people that voted are very low.

Ban on double-deckers senate bill - 85% support - we need to get the numbers up on this one as well.


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