Saturday, October 1, 2011

International Equine Conference

Good morning! We are beginning to post conference presentations on the conference page on the EWA website. For the two film screenings, we have posted links to the trailers. We will also be posting pictures and will provide a link to all photos within the next few days. As soon as plans are finalized on videos, we'll let you know. Our photojournalist  Terry Fitch [& RT) and videographer Jeff Hudson [& Virginia] extended their stay to visit Assateague.

In addition, we are also creating a buzz sheet so if you have any comments [and logos] you'd like to add, please send them to

We'd also like to thank our organizers, attendees, sponsors and those that were with us in spirit. The huge success exceeded our expectations. Thank you one and all! 


Here are the presentations we've received, thus far.

Keith Dane, The Humane Society of the United States

Marjorie Farabee, Wild Burro Protection League

Madeleine Pickens, Savings America's Mustangs

Film Trailers

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