Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Today's News

Our newest members in Italy, the Italian Horse Protection Association, is asking for our help to sign a petition to ban street horse races in Italy. I don't have a word document of the newsletter that I can paste here so I've included a link to the PDF. I have also pasted the link to the petition and a YouTube video that are also in the newsletter.

Please take a moment to sign the petition.

FYI - Cognome is sir name
Nationalita is country where you live - scroll through the list
Click on the button INVIA to submit (Thanks to Babylon translation!)
You must also click on the Privacy button (I Authorize, within the meaning of legislative decree n. 196/2003, the use of the data included in this module)

Other news.... 
--We've been working on the Virginia Range Horses and will have something out following this email. There is a lot of wrangling going on behind the scenes and we're all hoping for an outcome that benefits the horses...

--Susan Wagner (Equine Advocates) and Jay Kirkpatrick's presentations have been posted on the conference page on the EWA site. Be sure to check them out!

--If you missed Laura Allen's excellent letter on our White House petition to ban slaughter, you can read it here:

Please be sure to check out the article on The Horse Blog on the petitions, as well.

--Animals' Angels latest investigation: Bravo Packing, Carney's Point, NJ - click here

--Here is a wonderful video from Marjorie Farabee, Burros in the Mist

--Here's a short film from Sonja Meadows showing the journey of US slaughter horses from the auction to the slaughter plant.


--Our opponents have launched an all out assault with articles full of propaganda - the same old tired rhetoric. Please continue posting comments!

And...last but not least, EWA became a 501(c)(4) in February. We plan to try to establish funds to help with investigations, litigation for the wild ones (not initiating our own lawsuits but supporting others such as Wild Horse Freedom Federation, in their efforts). We'd also like to have funds on hand so if we have to send someone to lobby in DC or at the state level, we can do it. Our determination letter, EIN number and details are on this page -

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