Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NY Times Climbs into Bed with BLM, AGAIN

Straight from the Horse's Heart

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Times Addicted to BLM Spin Elixir

The Times did it, AGAIN!?!?
If you want to get the straight poop on what’s happening to the last of our native wild equines on the public lands of the Western United States, don’t open up the New York Times.  The Times have been hacking at the Wild Horses over the past several weeks, from featuring a flowery and nonfactual article on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) new Wild Horse and Burro program manager, Joan Guilfoyle, who didn’t have the energy or kahonies to answer questions from a roomful of scientists and equine professionals the following week, to today’s article on how rough and tough it is for the BLM to manage all of those overpopulating and overgrazing silly wild horses on public lands.  Kiss my backside and bark at the moon, the city boys got it all assbackwards again.
Long and lengthy writer Max Bearax elaborates upon the virtues of the BLM in their efforts to keep things for we stupid tax payers safe on the wide open ranges of our great American west.  The author misquotes facts and numbers as if they were rose petals falling off a bush in a gentle spring shower, how lovely.  And all those “gathers”, why the BLM is helping the horses and preventing them from starving.  Hey Max, you ever been to a BLM wild horse helicopter stampede, have you witnessed the terror, the destruction and even the death…hell no, didn’t think so.  Just passing through and getting a glimpse of the last of our wild horeses not give you a clue as to the politics and corrupt motives that drives the Federal Wild Horse Harvesting Machine as of late.  You would have to actually get out there and crawl around in the dust for a while to even come close to what the war is all about and you aren’t going to get that by sitting on your backside, picking up the phone and calling paid government stooges, it just ain’t gonna work.
And who are all of the kind and wonderful quotes  sprinkled through-out the article from; why BLM employees Ben Noyes and the ever pleasant and open-minded Ms. Debbie Collins, gag me with spoon, pa-leese!!!
It simply amazes me that alleged mainstream media continuously misses the mark on quantified and qualified reporting while embracing the inane and politically motivated whitewashing from the U.S. government, no wonder the country is in an uproar and occupying Wall Street, maybe a few Equine Advocates out to be there too so that the likes of the Times listens to the truth, checks their facts and pulls their head out out of the collective asses before publishing any more fish wrapper grade paper.  It all stinks.
I am neither in the mood nor of the inclination to taint this online publication with more stupidity, we have had enough over the past several days.  But if you are interested in entering a fairy tale world of pretty flowers and cute little wild ponies prancing around to the tune of Debbie Collins singing “Tomorrow” in the background you can read it all for yourself by clicking, (HERE)…and don’t forget to comment, it won’t be difficult as your fingers will begin doing the walking long before your eyes finish the fairy tale.  But for me, I have already said my piece and am headed back to the coffee pot for another jolt of lukewarm black java, but this time I might drop in a stiff hit of Jack Black and head out to the barn…I need a reality fix, and quick.

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