Friday, August 17, 2012

A Journey into the Wild with the "Silver Bear"

The Cloud Foundation

Dear Friends of Cloud and the Wild;

I sat alone at the spring-fed waterhole, waiting and hoping to see the bear come and get a drink at dawn. The sun was just beginning to peak through the dense Douglas firs to the east. Chickadees, pine siskins, nuthatches and white-winged crossbills were coming down to get a drink at the water’s edge. Clark’s nutcrackers, once they overcame their suspicions about me, flew down to bath, flapping their wings and sending a backlit spray of water into the air.

Cloud and his family walked across the rim above me toward the now non-existent bait trap. It seemed strange and very sad not to see Breeze, Agate, and Lynx with the band. But when I didn’t see Cloud’s little son, my sadness turned to panic. I have never really gotten over the death of Dusty, Cloud’s beautiful buckskin son who was killed by a mountain lion during the bait trapping in 2006. And I thought of Kicks-A-Lot’s foal that had gone missing just a week ago for no known reason. Was a mountain lion prowling and taking foals again?

Dusty - 2006 - Gone but never forgotten

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