Thursday, August 30, 2012


Saving America's Horses

Wild for Life Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 29, 2012

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES is on the trail to the Oscars. We believe that America's horses deserve to have their story heard at this level and getting them on the Academy's list for consideration would be an incredible way to honor them. The competition for nominations is fierce but there could be no greater joy than to bring our horses recognition through this honorable journey. In preparing this film for release at this level we have to keep our focus on the value of the journey, which with your help and support can give America's horses the voice they need and so very much deserve.

Qualifying SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES for Oscar consideration will garner reviews and coverage in major news papers that can bring much needed exposure for the horses into the mainstream. Our strategy is to build as much momentum and buzz achievable through this film resource so that the truth will be known by the widest demographic possible. 

In a nutshell, we have 30 days to reach our fundraising goal and our biggest challenge is getting the word out to as many people as possible right away. That's where you can make the biggest difference.

The public must come to know the urgency of this important issue.  We hope that you will help spread the word about SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES by forwarding our announcements to your network. You can check back or subscribe for updates as we reach milestones and draw near to our deadline. To help even more, be sure to add a personal note in your own words about why you support SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES.

NOW SEE the brand new exhilarating and motivational clip; a tribute to saving America's horses!  This extremely uplifting and powerful clip is viewable from most emails and mobile phones, so be sure to share it far and wide.

The "On the Trail to the Oscars: SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES" campaign will only run for 30 days. That's because time is of the essence to raise the funds needed so that we can release SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES this year.

Check out the great list of perks that are sure to catch the interest of most anyone that cares about horses, including on screen credits in this film!

Please also share these links and our information with your network via email, on Facebook and Twitter to help even more.

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES is a collaborative educational feature documentary film project presented under Wild for life Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) all volunteer nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equines. The tremendous accomplishment of bringing this epic film to this level has been largely due to a generous spirit of philanthropy, volunteerism and community support. In order to effect change, we have combined powerful substantiated evidence together with captivating visuals and a compelling narrative for presentation through the world's most powerful visual resource, cinema.

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES is a brilliant and hard hitting exposé that reveals how the public has been misled by government agencies and corporate interests that run over the laws that are supposed to protect the horses, the public and the environment. 

This touching and empowering film is receiving rave reviews and has won multiple international awards, including Best Environmental Film in Canada and Best Documentary Film in Los Angeles through the film festival circuit. But timing is pivotal for America’s horses, and the urgent need to bring this landmark film to immediate public theatrical release is imperative for our horses very survival.

To learn about the unique naming opportunity and presenting sponsor opportunities for the epic release of this landmark film,

Thank you for your continued support.


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