Monday, August 27, 2012

What would a trip to Nevada be without...

Wild Horses!

International Equine Conference | 2012

Thanks to America's Wild Horse Advocates, we all have an opportunity to view wild horses in their native habitat!

The tour will be on Friday, September 21 for registered conference attendees at a cost of $45 per person (includes transportation, snacks and beverages). We will leave the hotel at 2:30p for the BLM Spring Mountain Complex.

If you haven't registered yet, time is running out. The hotel is only holding room rates until August 31.

If you are interested in joining us for this once in a lifetime opportunity, please contact America's Wild Horse Advocates directly.

Here's the information from Garnet.

Did you know that there are Wild Horses within 60 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip?

America's Wild Horse Advocates, Las Vegas, NV will be offering a tour to view the Wild Horses of the Spring Mountain Complex at Cold Creek, NV

As a part of the  

AWHA is offering a tour for early arrival attendees for the conference.

The tour will leave the Rivera Hotel promptly at 2:30 PM on Friday, Sept. 21 and travel north-west to Cold Creek.

Cost is $45 per person, covers actual costs only, and will include beverages and snacks.

We will not take vehicles on the mountain due to severe road damage from recent rains.
We will end the tour at the three Ponds, which is the main water source for these horses, so there is an excellent chance of seeing them late in the afternoon.

We will return to hotel to join other later arrivals of Advocates at approx 7:30 pm

Space is limited and can be reserved thru PayPal on, (click on the donate button) or by personal check (prior Sept 10) to:
America's Wild Horse Advocates (A.W.H.A.)
PO Box 30152
Las Vegas, NV 89173-0152

Here is an example of what you will

NOTE: Tour is subject to Final BLM Approval, and should that not happen, full refunds will be issued.  

I personally think that is not going to be an issue when all is said and done.  

Garnet Pasquale, President - America's Wild Horse Advocates

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