Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MORE on the Twin Peaks Wild Horses in Northern California

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Fire Threatens Twin Peaks Wild Horses in Northern California


The maps below show that the fire is burning north through the HMA. (click to enlarge)
You can follow the progress of the fire on the BLM’s Incident Page.
Meanwhile, the DreamCatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary is located just 20 miles from the Twin Peaks HMA. DreamCatcher reports:
As the fires moves across the area leaving blackened grasses in its wake the war over which animals get to have access to forage will only intensify.  Even in good grass years livestock is allocated 84% of all forage in the Twin Peaks area leaving only 16% for the wild horses.  The irony of those numbers is the Twin Peaks is a Herd Management Area where wild horses are supposed to be given top priority but receive only crumbs from the table.
While DreamCatcher is not immediately threatened by this huge fire we are watching the updates closely.  If the flames cross highway 395 to the east of us then our concern will grow.  However, because we know we are in a high fire area over the years we have removed burnable plants and tress from the areas around the main compound giving us a 100 acre fire break. Our irrigation lines can keep our fields wet and allow for fire hose hookup so we are well prepared.  The reality is, due to the number of large animals here, evacuation is out of the question.  If a wild fire does indeed reach us we evacuate the small animals, critical office equipment and staff.  The only staff who stay is the director and any one else who volunteers given the danger level.
Under no circumstances are the animals left to their own devices. Our job is to protect them, and protect them we will.  
 Here Is How You Can Help During This Fire Emergency
You can also help out in the following ways:
1.  Donate to our Field Equipment Fund.  As soon as the fire is over we will be sending in a team of volunteers to document the fire damage to the area as well as any wildlife including wild horses killed due to fencing or closed gates blocking escape routes.
The team will need digital cameras, fuel, food and motel costs, hand held GPS devices,  and binoculars.
2.  Thank the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office for their fire fighting efforts then let them know you are concerned about wildlife in the area INCLUDING wild horses.  In local news reports wildlife and livestock are mentioned but no mention of the horses.  
BLM contact information:  phone 530-257-0456, fax 530-257-4831
email link Eagle Lake BLM
3.  Help us procure more evacuation and fire fighting equipment for the sanctuary.
We need dog crates ( large to extra large), fire hoses and nozzles, 500 gal portable water tank that fits in a pickup with small water pump, large fire extinguishers, emergency fire tents for staff.
For more information call the office 530-260-0148 or the director 530-260-0377


One of two pregnant mares, captured in the BLM’s 2010 Twin Peaks roundup and released back to the range in April 2011.



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