Friday, August 10, 2012

Horse slaughter plans for Missouri are on hold : Stltoday

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Cass Williams comforts one of 27 horses taken to St. Clair, Mo. after an accident on Interstate 44 on Sept. 27, 2006. A semi trailer carrying the horses to an Illinois slaughter house turned over near Staunton, killing 16. At a makeshift triage center, horses were spray painted with symbols to indicate which veterinarian treated the animal. Photo by Robert Cohen,
The plant was supposed to open by summer's end, employing four dozen people.
It might not have been the most appealing work: butchering hundreds of horses each day to fill dinner plates in Europe. But Rockville, Mo., population 166, needed jobs. So residents had embraced turning a defunct beef processing plant into the nation's first horse slaughtering facility since 2006.
"The whole town is for it," proclaimed Mayor David Moore in June.  READ MORE...

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