Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another horse dead at the BLM's Desatoya Roundup

BLM Website

Summary:  33 stallions, 39 mares and 13 foals were gathered today in temperatures ranging from 57 degrees in the morning to 87 degrees by noon.  The body class condition of the animals gathered is 3 to 4. There were 2 visitors at the gather today.  One 7-year-old bay mare (wet) died today.  Her orphaned older foal came into the trapsite with the group and appears to be in good condition.  One foal was roped at the trapsite because it couldn't keep up with the other horses entering the trap.  A hotshot was used twice today, once while loading a mare for shipment in the morning (not the mare that died) and once while moving a stud into the chute for aging.
Animals gathered: 85
Animals shipped: 35 to PVC; 28 to Gunnison, Ut
Acute related animal deaths: 1   
Cause: Bay mare was being loaded into the trailer at the trapsite and bolted back out of the trailer, hit the gate in the loading area breaking her neck and died instantly.
Pre-existing/Chronic related animal deaths: 0      
Cause: None 

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