Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Donkey Rocks Two Hot Pink Casts

Animal Planet


Function and Fashion!
Ri-Donkey-Lously Cute Donkey In A CastPrimrose, a toots adorbs baby donkey,  born at the Bind Equine Veterinary Practice in Bridgnorth, Shropshire UK, is currently rockin' pink casts on her two front legs like a champ! Born prematurely, her front legs were not fully developed enough to support her itty bitty donkey body.
So, to keep Primrose from stumbling all over and herself, her vets provided her with her very first pair of thigh high donkey boots to help keep her propped up until her legs develop more fully.
Little Primrose will be struttin' in her little pink corrective casts until her legs are strong enough to support her own weight. For those concerned about the casts impeding on Primrose's lifestyle, have no worries. No cast can stop Primrose fom galloping around her enclosure at the zoo and she shows no signs of having difficulty adjusting to her casts,  according to According to New Zealand blog Horsetalk.

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