Sunday, August 12, 2012

Starving horse burned in wildfires dies

Tulsa World

Belinda Wheeler (left), Kelly Farmer and Billy Palmore work to get a burned horse to stand up so they could get it to Wheeler's trailer Monday. The horse, which was malnourished before it was burned in the Creek County wildfires, was taken to a veterinarian for medical help, but it succumbed to its injuries shortly after, Wheeler said. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

By SUSAN HYLTON World Staff Writer
Published: 8/11/2012  2:08 AM
Last Modified: 8/11/2012  5:03 AM

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OLIVE - Efforts to save a starving horse that was left to fend for himself in this week's wildfires were valiant, but the horse didn't live much longer after it was rescued Monday.

Belinda Wheeler said she got the horse to a veterinarian, but he collapsed when she got him out of the trailer. Read MORE...

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