Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012.07.10 Video of Texas Testimony

From Equine Welfare Alliance

I caught the tail end of public comments and saw Julie Caramante (awesome as always), Chris Heyde and the head of the Houston Horse Council. This is a link to the archived video. The horse slaughter discussion starts at about 1 hour 43 minutes into the video so just slide the bar over at the bottom. I just started watching so I'm sure I'll have more comments later - LOL!

The bad news is that you have to view this on RealPlayer which is one of the worst players. I plan on deinstalling it as soon as I have viewed the video. Be careful when you download the player. Choose options so you can unclick all the junk. It will change your default player and sign you up for all kinds of free junk you don't need on your computer. 

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