Friday, July 27, 2012

MP comes to Calgary to protest horse slaughter Read it on Global News: Global Calgary | MP comes to Calgary to protest horse slaughter

Global Calgary

CALGARY - A New Democrat MP from B.C. was in Calgary on Monday to launch a billboard protesting the slaughter of horses for meat.

Alex Atamanenko is the MP behind Bill C-322, which would prohibit horse slaughter for human consumption.

The billboard near Memorial Drive and Barlow Trail SE, reads "Stop Slaughtering Us."

He says thousands of Canadians have signed petitions urging the Harper government to support his bill. Atamanenko says the industry is inhumane and needs to be shut down.

But Global News spoke with a horse dealer who takes unwanted and unhealthy horses to a slaughterhouse in Lacombe, Alberta who has a much different take on it.

“Everything in this world has to have an end place, it might as well be in a humane way. What else are you going to do with all the horses?”

Slaughterhouses pay almost $400 per horse, while euthanizing a horse costs about $250 plus the cost of disposing the carcass.

Alberta is the number one exporter of horse meat in the country.
Do you think the slaughter of horses for meat should be banned in Canada?

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