Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Injured Tempe police mounted unit volunteer visited by 'his horses'

AZ Central

Eric Hansen Tempe Police Department
Tempe police officers Heather Penner and Theodore Noel bring horses to visit volunteer Eric Hansen at an assisted- living facility.

After suffering traumatic brain damage from a fall in February, longtime Tempe Police Department Mounted Unit volunteer Eric Hansen received a special tribute from "his horses" on July 11 when the unit came to his doorstep for a visit.
Hansen, 77, a mounted-unit volunteer for 10 years, was at the Blooming Meadows Assisted Living Home in Mesa, with his family alongside, at the time of the unexpected visit. Police officers brought the unit's six horses to the backyard one at a time, where Eric petted and visited with each one.   Read more...

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