Thursday, July 26, 2012

Canadian MP Atamanenko joins protesters calling for an end to horse slaughter

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Alex Atamanenko MP Alberta Protest. Image by Gavin Young.
B.C. New Democrat MP Alex Atamanenko speaks beneath a Stop Slaughtering Us billboard in Calgary on Monday. Atamanenko is the author of Bill C-322 which would prohibit horse slaughter for human consumption. Image by Gavin Young.
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THANDI FLETCHER, reporting for the Calgary Herald writes:
CALGARY — With the backdrop of a billboard reading “Stop Slaughtering Us,” a crowd of demonstrators led by a New Democrat MP gathered Monday in Calgary calling for an end to the slaughtering of horses for human consumption.
But horse meat industry experts are calling the campaign an unfair attack that appeals to emotion while ignoring the “science” that deems horse meat safe to be eaten by humans.
On Monday, more than a dozen horse advocates crowded a grass patch beside Memorial Drive and Barlow Trail S.E. for the unveiling of a billboard that shows a picture of two horses beside the heading, “Stop Slaughtering Us.”
The protesters were supporting Bill C-322, a private member’s bill introduced by B.C. MP Alex Atamanenko in October.
The bill seeks to end the import and export of horses for slaughter for human consumption.

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