Monday, July 30, 2012

United Horsemen Enter The Blogosphere

Shedrow Confessions

[Excellent read, but the way!]

Today Douchebag Duquette proudly announced that The United Horsemen were entering the blogosphere to the widespread apathy of the few remaining UH followers on Facebook.  For us anti-slaughter people, it’s like Christmas in July as it gives us more fodder for Point and Laugh Fridays.  It appears that Douchebag Dave had some help with editing as the blog is somewhat coherent, but no more fact base than any of the UH’s usual statements.  Perhaps they got tired of having Mendy Tobiano’s rants being their blogging `voice’.  At least they stayed true to form with lots of misleading facts and outright lies.  Let’s take a little look, shall we?
What a long way we’ve come since the beginning, when we were two groups:  United Horseman’s Front (UHF) and United Organizations of the Horse (UOH).  UHF started in late 2007, when forward-thinking horsemen realized the devastation that would follow the closure of the last domestic horse processing plants. UOH started in late 2008 as a lobbying group, and in 2009, UHF officially became United Horsemen.   Read MORE...

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