Friday, August 3, 2012


The Cloud Foundation

(Last update: 7/31/2012)
Bait trapping has started in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, capture operations have been in both the upper and lower elevations. 
So far three horses have been caught:
  • - Kokopelli: 2 YO apricot dun colt with a blaze (Strawberry x Blizzard)
  • Joaquin (BLM name Jumping Badger): 3 YO bay colt with a blaze (Cecelia x Sitting Bull)
  • Liesl: Yearling bay filly with a star (Greta x Bristol)
  • Lynx: Yearling solid dun colt, from Cloud's band (Ingrid x Ferdinand)
  • Breeze (BLM name Kierra): 2YO sable brown filly with star & LH pastern (Aztec x Cloud)
  • Kayenta: 2YO red roan filly with LH & RH pasterns (War Bonnet x Diamond)
  • Absarokee (BLM name Klamath): 2YO brown colt with crooked blaze, RF & RH socks (Cedar x Bolder)  
  • Joviana & foal: 3 YO grulla filly (Felina x Morning Star) with star, snip, RH & LH socks; grullo colt foal with star, LH pastern
  • Agate (BLM name Krystal): 2YO silver blue roan filly with large upside-down teardrop star (Feldspar x Flint)
  • Adelina (BLM name Judith): 3YO solid dun roan filly (Halcyon x Baja)
  • Lenape (aka Destructo Filly): 1YO solid bay filly (Honey x Morning Star)
  • Kelly: 2YO black filly with lance blaze, RH & LH socks (Gaelic Princess x Morning Star)
  • Last (BLM name Kaibab): 2YO grullo colt with star (Felicity x Ferdinand)
  • Lukachukai: 1YO dun with star & two-tone mane (Washakie x Baja)
  • Raulita (BLM name Jicarilla): 3YO grulla roan filly (Bacardi x Baja) *She is pregnant
  • Juneau + foal: 3YO coyote dun filly (Gold Rush x Two Boots), Foal: dun colt with star (Juneau x Baja)
  • Lily: 1YO dun filly with a star (Gabrielle x Casper)
  • Koda Wakan (BLM name Kootenai): 2YO solid grullo colt (High Noon x Lakota)
  • Kybir (BLM name Kodiak): 2YO coyote dun colt (Gabrielle x Santa Fe)
  • Uno (BLM name Kane): 2YO black colt, one back boot, star/stripe/snip (Sequoyah x Two Boots)
  • Kachina: 2YO solid dun filly (Washakie x Baja)
  • Katrina: 2YO solid dark bay filly (Greta x Bristol)
  • Longstocking (BLM name LaSalle): 1YO bay colt with blaze, LH & RH stockings (Jacinta x Chance)
  • Shaft (BLM name Jedediah): 3YO black colt with white blaze that curves around nostrils (Graciana x ?)
  • Leo: 1YO dun with small star and small snip (Felicity x Custer)
  • Lady Jane (BLM name Kalahari): 2YO solid bay roan filly (Firestorm x Jackson)
  • July  & foal:  3YO red bay filly thin blaze (lightning-esque) (Madonna x Duke), Foal: bay colt with lg. star w/sm. Strip (July x ?)
  • Lancaster: 1YO dun colt with blaze (Hopi x Chance)
  • Jill (Madison) (BLM name Jenny): 3YO grulla filly with two-tone mane and sm star (Brumby x Jackson) 
  • Kicks A Lot (BLM name Kiva): 2YO dun filly with large star and large snip (Autumn x Bolder) 
  • LeDoux: 1YO solid dark colt (Firestorm x Jackson)
  • Lander: 1YO solid grullo colt (Galena x Jackson)
  • New Moon (BLM name Kiowa): 2YO solid dun filly with two-tone mane (Half Moon x Casper or Lakota)
  • Kaycee and foal : 2YO dun filly with two-tone mane (Brumby x Jackson), Foal: dun filly with LH sock (Kacyee  x ?)
For photos of each of the removed horses, please check out the Facebook album here. 

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