Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Your Support Is Needed, Updates on Roundups and More News

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Please Support Our Critical Work to Save America's Remaining Wild Horses and Burros
The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) is a national coalition of more than 50 organizations dedicated to ending the brutal and inhumane practices the federal government uses to erase wild horses from our public lands to make way for commercial interests. Each and every wild horse that falls victim to this program is a lost icon of the freedom and untamed beauty that makes this country great.
Each week we bring you action alerts and news items to empower citizens to speak up for America's last remaining mustangs and burros and against the helicopter roundups that are terrorizing and traumatizing these beloved animals and stampeding them into oblivion. Our ability to continue this work depends on you, our dedicated and generous supporters. Your donation -- whatever the size --  is critically important to continue our fight to save and protect America's wild horses and burros. Please donate by clicking here or below. 

Read more and TAKE ACTION HERE.

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