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2012.09.15 Things are heating up in Nevada!

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Things are heating up in Nevada!

And not because of our conference!

This is in the news and I wanted to send it to everyone before the rumors start. EWA is not directly involved in this but has been following what has been happening with the Virginia Range Horses. IMO, this appears to be the same thing we are seeing with the BLM but at the state level with the NV Dept of Ag. Many, many months ago, Willis had asked us to send a release about the Virginia Range Horses and we didn't because we were contacted by someone saying there was something in works being negotiated to work things out and it would hamper efforts. In hindsight, I don't know if we did the right thing....  

I received a call late last night regarding charges being filed (misdemeanor) against Let 'em Run (Shirley Allen, Lacy Dalton and Willis Lamm were named). I know Lacy, Shirley somewhat and know the infamous Willis Lamm well. Without fail, Willis and I get into a good rousing argument a few times per year. What is ironic is this group is called when foals are abandoned to rescue and take them in by both the NDOA and BLM.

From what I can gather, NDOA is he** bent on removing as many Virginia Range horses as they can under the guise that they have become a nuisance to the locals (just as BLM is doing under the guise of emergency removals). The horses are going to "sale authority" and we all know what that means. Until things are sorted out, below are two articles - the charges filed and a protest against the removals that was held on September 14 - Terry Farley participated in the protest, as well. Below the links is an email that Willis sent today regarding the recent events.




"The Nevada Department of Agriculture has upped the stakes. Right before the September 14th wild horse demonstration in Carson City someone leaked to Channel 4 a document that reportedly alleges that Lacy J. Dalton, Shirley Allen and I abandoned some horses on private lands in Storey County. This action appears to be an attempt to discredit the horse advocacy movement and muzzle criticism of the department.

Since nobody other than the press has seen these documents, we have been advised not to speculate on this issue until an attorney can get to the bottom of things next week.

There is an AOWHA bulletin posted that goes into some detail and it can be read here.

Meanwhile, south Reno residents are reporting seeing trailer loads of horses being removed from nearby ranges and being hauled off by the department. The state's horse removal machine seems to be running at full speed.

Please stay tuned. This situation could get interesting." 

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