Monday, September 10, 2012

Horses shot, burned at Valley stable

ABC 15 Phoenix

Posted: 7:19 PM Last Updated: 8 minutes ago
PHOENIX - Several horses at a popular Valley stable have come under attack after being shot or burned with chemicals.
Four horses at Ponderosa Stables have been targeted in the past three days. The most recent incident happened over the weekend.
“I'm worried about every animal we got up there,” said Frank Solander, a worker at the business.
Solander is taking care of one of the horses burned by some type of chemical.
He said one of the horses has a third degree chemical burn on his face.
Two other horses have less severe chemicals burns on their chest.
A forth horse is also recovering after being shot by someone.
“It's sick. I've never seen anything like this. They're making the horses on edge,” said Donnie Everly, a manager at the stable.
The horses are used for horseback riding tours on South Mountain.
Everly said the area is a popular attraction for people wanting to get a view of the city.
The attacks have happened in the overnight hours when the park and stable are closed.
“We're finding beer bottles and beer cans every morning in the corrals. Horses are getting spooked,” said Everly.
The stable is now adding security lighting and Phoenix police and state park rangers are now increasing patrols in the area.
“If they're doing this to animals what are they going to start doing to people,” wondered Everly.
The stables are offering a $500 reward in the case.

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