Thursday, September 6, 2012

NEW! Animals' Angels Blog

Animals' Angels Blog

We are happy to announce our Brand New Internet Publication: 

Animals' Angels Blog is a place to visit, whereby our supporters and all new readers will have a chance to get to know our organization, the people who strive to bring about change in this volatile climate throughout our fight against horse slaughter, while also promoting humane treatment of our farm animals. This new platform will allow us to reach out using a more personal approach, in introducing the public, to the very real and desperate needs of all animals. 

We look to increase the public's support so they will want to stand with us, by becoming more educated on these difficult topics, to picking up their telephones and speaking with their delegates, in telling others about this urgent cause, to sponsoring or adopting through our friends who rescue these animals, by choosing to make donations, and finally, by word of mouth. 

This is an open invitation and we hope you will pass the word. Thank you!

Visit the new blog here!

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