Sunday, September 30, 2012

Call for BLM to step up over humane mustang handling


A wild horse advocacy group is calling for the Bureau of Land Management to adopt what it calls a significant humane handling policy with ramifications for violations.
Wild Horse Education founder Laura Leigh, who travels the west to watch many of the bureau’s roundups, made the call as the agency was finalizing its roundup schedule for the 2013 financial year, which begins on October 1.
Leigh argues that the bureau has never properly adopted a policy of humane handling practices.
World Horse Eduction volunteer Lisa LeBlanc says: “It’s difficult to understand why, during the majority of removal operations, wild equines are denied even the most basic humane handling.
“Nevada statutes consider over-driving and excessive striking of an animal – any animal – illegal and punishable by law.
“The BLM had stated, months ago, it is setting forth policy for humane standards during removals and after care, but the policy remains elusive, and loosely interpreted.”

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