Saturday, September 15, 2012

Equine Welfare Alliance

Our apologies for the silence over here. The conference has been consuming all our time - plus some. Thanks to Jo Bunny, our facebook page does not reflect this! You're the best, Jo!

As you know, RT & Terry Fitch and Jerry Finch went to DC this week to deliver over 15,000 letters to Obama to stop the round-ups and horse slaughter. We applaud
Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Habitat for Horses (personal funds were used for the trip, not donations) for being tenacious to ensure the letters reach their destination. To help facilitate the delivery, Congressman Jim Moran (VA) has written a cover letter and will personally see that they reach Obama.


Here is Jerry's article that has a different take on the trip from a press conference that was also being held that day by Rep. Ed Whitfield -

That's what we need folks, thousands and thousands of personal letters. Don't just click "like" on a facebook page, click and write a letter to Congress and the president. Your letter could be the one that makes the difference! And keep on writing until we get action.

In case you missed RT on Marti Oakley's blog talk radio this week - here's a link to the program

Here is an excellent video on horse slaughter featuring Valerie Pringle. Great job, Valerie!

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