Saturday, September 22, 2012

IEC Update: Pro-Horse Groups Aim to End Horse Slaughter

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Posted: September 22, 2012 by R.T. Fitch
By Caroline Bleakley, of KLAS NEWS NOW Las Vegas
“92 percent of all horses slaughtered are healthy horses in the prime of their life”
John Holland, of the Equine Welfare Alliance speaks as several pro-horse organizations are in the Las Vegas valley for their international conference.
LAS VEGAS –  Equine advocates meeting in Las Vegas say a dinner plate is no place for a horse to end up.
Several pro-horse organizations are in the valley for their international conference to strategize their opposition to the planned re-opening of American slaughterhouses for horses. An obscure provision in a law, approved last year, opens the window to new American slaughterhouses which would process horse meat for overseas markets. Opponents say it’s a cold-blooded business decision.
“Some 92 percent of all horses slaughtered are healthy horses in the prime of their life. The amount of horses slaughtered is determined by the demand for horse meat abroad and by the contracts the killer-buyers have to fulfill, not by any amount of unwanted horses. They pretend to actually care about horse welfare. They pretend to care about the welfare of the horse industry. But make no mistake, they care only about the welfare of the horse meat industry,” said Someone.
Pro-slaughter forces have claimed that slaughterhouses are a way to humanely control unwanted horses.
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