Monday, March 15, 2010

British protest planned over US wild horses


March 16, 2010

A protest is planned for outside the American Embassy in London over the management of wild horses in the United States. Animal welfare advocates intend rallying in front of the embassy on March 25, coinciding with an American rally across from the White House in Lafayette Park that will move on to the Bureau of Land Management offices.
The bureau is responsible for managing the nation's wild horses, but has faced increasing criticism from wild horse advocates over its programme.
Advocates are concerned about the number of horses held in captivity - currently more than 30,000 - and the increasing pace of musters.
The London protest has been organised by Jane Bravery; Mary Alice Pollard, of Cornwall's Voice for Animals; Maria Daines, a singer/songwriter and board member of Saving America's Horses; and actress Melita Morgan.
Daines commented: "If we do not stand as one on issues that affect all species whose purpose is to live wild and free, we cannot expect our own species to evolve in a compassionate and considerate way towards each other.
"Wild horses deserve their time and place; they deserve our protection and we must exist peacefully with these glorious creatures or risk losing them forever."
Ginger Kathrens, volunteer executive director of the Cloud Foundation, which is co-sponsoring the London protest, said: "There is a groundswell of support for the preservation of America's Mustangs. The Bureau of Land Management would like the public to believe this is just a minor uprising, but this is a major international movement."

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