Monday, March 29, 2010

One Terrific Speech at the D.C. Rally: A Must-Read!

Rob Pliskin

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Rob Pliskin (photo by Mom and Tom)

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The conference is supposedly a dialogue toward solutions to issues surrounding the management of public range land. The conference provides continuing education credits for Bureau of Land Management employees. If you have the extra money order a copy of the event, it is pretty interesting. It has little gems on it that include Tom Gorey of the BLM admitting that the Salazar plan was created because of fear of ROAM. Repeatedly they express a lack of confidence in any Congressional legislation… often to laughter from the audience. A priceless statement to the credibility of the event, Sue Wallis was the Ethics speaker at the conference (OK, stop choking). But I’m getting off track.
I was told to look for Rob that he might have some questions. He sat next to me for the entire second day. (Three day conference). I watched Rob become increasingly vocal and passionate.
Rob Pliskin is a volunteer for the BLM. You may differ in opinion on some of his positions, you may not. In truth we all have subtle differences that in the big picture wont amount to anything if current protocol does not stop now.
I asked Rob if he would send me a copy of his speech from DC and a photo.
These are Rob’s words….


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  1. I never attended the SRM conference, much less spoke at it.
    - Tom Gorey, BLM Public Affairs, Wash. D.C.