Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MO House Passes Scary Bill!

Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Dear Friends,
Please see the following urgent matter!  If you live in Missouri and can help organize a group of constituents, please email us at
Thanks for all you do for our American Horses!
American's Against Horse Slaughter
Your Help is Needed to defeat Missouri  Legislation H.B.1747
This bill was originally introduced to promote horse slaughter and it still does that. Read Animal Law Coalition's report below for more on this bill and what else all of us must do to stop it.
(Courtesy of Animal Law Coalition)
Update April 1: H.B. 1747 has passed the Missouri House of Representatives.  This bill now moves to the state senate
The version passed by the House is basically the same as the introduced bill, except for one significant change: If this bill becomes law, "[n]o law criminalizing or otherwise regulating crops or the welfare of any domesticated animals shall be valid unless based upon generally accepted scientific principles and enacted by the general assembly." 
Please click on the following link for more info on how you can lend your voice

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