Monday, March 8, 2010

Mustang Monday: March 8, 2010


Hello, everyone:


Tell Interior Secretary Salazar and Cmte Senators 

to end the wipeout of our wild horses and burros.  

Call, email or fax the Senate Appropriations Subcommitee 

right now before he concludes his testimony tomorrow, 

March 9th.

For every wild horses who has suffered and died 

at the hands of the rogue government agency, the BLM.

For every foal who has been orphaned.
For every mare who has miscarried.
For every stallion who has lost his herd.
For all the foals who have literally been run off 
their hooves to their deaths.
For Freedom, the brave stallion whose desire 
to return to freedom was stronger than the steel panels 
and barbed wire he crashed through to escape.
Tell them all, use no more of your tax dollars to destroy 

our wild horses and burros or move them off their 

protected lands.

CLICK HERE to take action!

Tell the President you are outraged at the 
continuing acts of violence committed 
against our wild horses and burros, 
that only he can stop it as no one else 
in the government is willing to.  
Ask him to call a moratorium on all  
wild horse and burro roundups, 
and order an investigation and  
Congressional hearings concerning all 
BLM activities related to its management 
of the Wild Horse and Burro program.

Please keep the White House 
switchboard ringing, fax machine buzzing 
and email inbox full.

White House Phone:  202 456 1111
White House Fax:  202 456 2461


Thursday, March 25th, 1-3 pm, Lafayette Park. 
Details here >>
Rideshare information here >>
Hotel information here >>


The Int'l Fund for Horses works on a myriad of issues, 
not just this one. We rely on donations from giving people 
like you to continue the work for our wild horses and burros, 
and our domestic horses against horse slaughter
use to make Premarin, and many more.  

Please become a member today and be a 
part of our successful team.  Dues are $24.00 per year.  
See link below.

New!  We are issuing beautiful membership cards 
to all our members.   All of you who are already members, 
you will receive your card in the next 2-3 weeks.

Best wishes, and thank you.

Carol Poole
Wild Horse & Burro Advocacy Team

Join us. Become a Member. Membership 
is $24.00 a year.
Help with a Donation.  Thank You!

Protecting Horses through Intervention, 
Education and Legislation

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