Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off-Topic, but C'mon. You need to sign this one!

Punishment for the man crippled Mima

To Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov
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On March 26th Dobromir Donchev from Drianovo,Bulgaria found Mima lying crippled near his home. All four paws of the 5-years -old female dog were axed. Donchev took Mima to the vet immediately where she was stabilised. Nevertheless Mima will be most probably put to sleep. Her paws were cut in such a barberic way that  it is almost impossible to be replaced.
Mima's owner is sure the crime was done by a neighbour because of an old fight. But there is nothing he can do about it. There is no zoo police in Bulgaria and no proper punishment for such acts.
Young people from Drianovo now, are gathering signatures asking the Bulgarian Prime Minister for justice. Please show your support and hopefully this case will set the long waited changes of  Bulgarian Law against Animal abuse.



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