Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nevada BLM Death Toll Continues After Helicopter Chase

Horseback Magazine

By Steven Long
HOUSTON, (Horseback) - As of Friday 63 horses had died at the Bureau of Land Management’s Fallon holding facility in Nevada. The deaths of wild horses follow a mid-winter “gather” by the federal agency in which the horses were stampeded down a rocky mountain. Two foals were euthanized after shedding their hooves and suffering unimaginable pain.

The bureau has closed its holding facility at Fallon except for brief, tightly controlled, visits by press and public.
The roundups were closed as well prompting activists such as the Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance’s Vicki Tobin to charge that BLM has plenty to hide.

The agency posts brief antiseptic updates on the horse's deaths that are difficult for the public to find on its website,

The reports by BLM vets reveal little of the true nature of the wild horse’s suffering such as this one from Friday, March 5.

“Preparation for adoption is continuing and 761 have been prepared to date. Weather is partly cloudy with a day time high temperature of 54 and a low of 34 degrees predicted. Most stallions and weaned colts are doing well and gaining weight. Mares from Black Rock East, Black Rock West and most Granite horses appear to be doing well. Mares from Warm Springs and Calico are improving. Horses isolated from the general population for rest, feeding without competition from other horses, observation, and treatment include 16 poor condition horses, 1 horse with a stifle injury and another with a sole abscess. Two miscarriages occurred today and one 15 year old mare was euthanized due to colic. Facility Death: 1, Cumulative death total: 63"

Horseback Magazine has asked for the credentials of BLM veterinarians who have refused to respond to the request. The magazine has now filed a demand for those credentials under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Tobin has also charged that BLM uses faulty arithmetic in recording the deaths of horses under its care.

The conduct of the winter roundups have prompted protests nationwide and even abroad.
Calico Death Toll Count by EWA
Fallon Facility 62
Round-up Site 7
Aborted Foals 39
Total 108

5-Mar 1
1-Mar 1
27-Feb 4
26-Feb 1
25-Feb 1
24-Feb 1
23-Feb 1
22-Feb 1
21-Feb 1
20-Feb 3
Fallon - 02.17 47

5-Mar 2
4-Mar 1
25-Feb 2
23-Feb 1
18-Feb 1
13-Feb 1
7-Feb 1
aborted foals - 02.05 30

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