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2011.12.15 Press Release from Italy - Huge!

Equine Welfare Alliance

Press Release from Italian Horse Protection Association 

I expect to hear a huge round of applause after you read the below. This is a release issued by our partners, Italian Horse Protection Association, in Italy. I also have this in Italian if anyone wants a copy. This was sent to newspapers, magazines, press agencies and their supporters in Italy and Europe.

Da: Sito Horse Protection []
Inviato: giovedì 15 dicembre 2011 12.23
Oggetto: Carne di cavallo in Italia: un'indagine rivela la presenza di sostanze pericolosissime per la salute. / Horse meat in Italy: an investigation reveals that it contains substances dangerous to health

Drawing together results of research carried out by one French and two American universities, and an inquiry by the Equine Welfare Alliance (USA), IHP can assert that at least part of the horsemeat sold in the European markets has been subjected to no checks whatsoever for drugs present in the slaughtered animals. IHP asserts moreover that since autumn 2010 the European health authorities have been fully aware of this fact yet have done nothing to protect the health interests of the European consumer.

Sonny Richichi, IHP Organizational Manager, and also head of the 'Horse Slaughtering' section, affirms, "With the myth that horse meat contains more iron and is good for the blood those countries where horsemeat is widely consumed are administering to the most vulnerable members of society a cocktail of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, hormones that control estrous cycle and who knows what other substances".

Antonio Nardi-Dei da Filicaja, President of IHP adds, "The European health authorities make big news of the checks on meat and how they track and trace it all from source, but then they sweep under the carpet the results of their own inquiries which reveal that not only does a significant percentage of the horse meat on the market NOT have any credible certification regarding the use of drugs prior to slaughter, but moreover comes from countries where pretty well any drug is legally permitted and used, only at the discretion of the owner of the animal. Thus while fully cognisant of the risks that eating horse meat holds for consumers, the authorities have turned a blind eye and tried to conceal the incriminating evidence. According to the FAO, in 2009 approximately 16,000 tonnes of horse meat entered the EU from Canada and Mexico. In general, around 50% of horse meat consumed in Italy comes from abroad."

Read our investigation on horse meat originating in America, sold in Europe. Note: this is in Italian. I've asked Antonio for a link in English and will pass it on when received.

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