Friday, December 2, 2011

Horse Slaughter Returns to the US – FAIL!

Habitat for Horses

They’re going to do WHAT?
No way in hell is that going to happen. I’m calling the President every day from now on until he keeps his promise.

And I want you to do the same. Yes, I know you’re angry. Telling me about it doesn’t do any good. Telling your Congressman is a waste of time. Tell the President!

His number is 202-456-1111

Call him EVERY DAY. Call several times a day. What will be effective is when every person who is against horse slaughter calls and DEMANDS that he uphold his promise by issuing an Executive Order stopping all horse slaughter.

We have to do this IN MASS in order to be heard.

This is what I’m going to say –

President Obama,

Mad doesn’t come close to what I feel. Perhaps furious, irate, enraged and livid better describe my reaction to your allowing horse slaughter to return to the US.

This absolutely will not work. You lied to us, the 70% of Americans who are against the killing of horses for food.

You announced that you had co-sponsored legislation to stop the sale for slaughter of wild free-roaming horses and burros. During the 2008 campaign you signed on as co-sponsor to the bill to ban horse slaughter for human consumption. When asked specifically during the campaign, “Will you support legislation …to institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption“, you gave an unqualified “Yes“.

Now look at what you just did! What does it take to find a President that stands up for what he believes?

Starting today I am asking every person I can reach to call the White House and demand that you uphold your promise to the American people. No excuses about, “It was Congress that did that.” Not accepted. You signed the bill. You backed out of your promise.

You can undo what you have done by issuing an Executive Order stating that  horse slaughter will NOT be allowed in the United States, nor will our horses be allowed to be sent to other countries for slaughter.

Will you listen to the majority in this country or to very small group of people who make money from the sale of horse flesh? Do you care that American horses are filled with drugs that make them unsafe for human consumption? Do you realize the absolute horror equine go through on the road to slaughter?

Is this the legacy you really want to leave?

Keep your promise!

Pass an Executive Order NOW.
Then you can go to the White House Website and send an email. After you do that, go outside, hug your horse, go back in and do it again.
Don’t let them get away with this. Ask everyone you know to join this campaign. The only way it works is if thousands of people call every day without letting up. The lives of the horses depend on YOU.
Note – This campaign is a combined effort involving a lot of people. If you know of anyone who writes a blog, ask them to help spread the word about calling the White House. We MUST bring this to a stop.

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