Friday, December 30, 2011

“Real” War Horse Shares Screen with Spielberg’s

Straight from the Horse's Heart

News Bulletin by the Equine Welfare Alliance

EWA Takes the Anti-Horse Slaughter War to the Masses

Sgt. Reckless...the REAL War Horse
First, our sincere thank you to all of you that made this campaign possible. Your generosity was overwhelming. We’d also like to send profound thanks to Valerie Kennedy and Mark Traverso of SCITV Productions for their tireless work on meeting impossible deadlines and Robin Hutton of the Sergeant Reckless Memorial Fund for joining us and “loaning” Reckless to the campaign.
Our first attack on those who betrayed our horses has landed. It will leverage the movie War Horse.
We teamed up with Robin Hutton of the Sgt. Reckless Memorial Fund and today, the ad below will appear on 90 theater screens within 10 minutes of the start of the movie War Horse. The ad will be aired in selected theaters in the following states: North Eastern Georgia, Missouri, Wisconsin, Montana and Wyoming. Why those states, you ask? Very simple – Kingston, Blunt, Kohl, Baucus and Wallis! The ad will run for 30 days.
We were able to pretty well saturate Kingston’s district but we are only able to hit the best attended theaters in the states of the senators involved.
The theaters would not allow political adds so we are presenting this ad that will direct them to the below sites exposing what their legislators have done. This video is currently a low resolution copy of the HD version that the audience will view. [We purchased this domain so that moviegoers would have an easy name to remember]
If this works, it will bring in more money to further expand the coverage. This is not the end. We want to send a message that if you betray our horses we will haunt you to the ends of the earth. We will continue to attack these individuals as long as we have resources and they are in office.
Soon, we will be able to unveil our other plans for attacking this vile industry.

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