Friday, December 30, 2011

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Horses: Slaughtered For Their Meat?

Don't allow the slaughter of horses for meat to resume in the United States!
Horses: Slaughtered For Their Meat?
Goal: 15,000 • Progress: 6,419
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site
About five years ago, horse slaughter opponents enacted a ban on funding horse meat inspections in order to discourage inhumanely killing the horses for their meat.
But Congress lifted that ban in a recent spending bill — an action that could pave the way for horse meat slaughterhouses to reopen in the United States. Though horse meat consumption in the United States has been virtually nonexistent for decades, it remains a delicacy in other countries.
The lift of the ban means that slaughterhouses will be permitted to kill horses and ship the meat overseas for exorbitant costs. And slaughter proponents are touting the economic benefits of lifting the ban in light of the recession.
Hundreds of thousands of horses could be slaughtered soon. Tell President Obama to reconsider lifting the ban on horse meat inspections.

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Dear President Obama,
You recently signed a bill that would lift the ban on horse meat inspections that has protected horses from slaughter for the past five years. Now, however, horses are in grave danger as slaughterhouses could reopen any day.
While most of us don't consider horse meat to be a viable food option, many people in other cultures and parts of the world consider it to be a delicacy. There is a considerable market for horse meat, and that's why lifting this ban is so dangerous.
Horses are not meant to be slaughtered — or eaten for that matter. Please do the right thing for the horses and reverse your decision to lift the ban.
Thank you.

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