Saturday, December 10, 2011

Horse of a Different Color

Straight from the Horse's Heart

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM “Spin” is Running Out of Gas

Last week the BLM issued a report on an internal investigation into on going allegations of inhumane treatment of wild horses taking place during their controversial helicopter roundups.  The internal panel was split on the issue of what constitutes inhumane care and handling but landed on multiple issues of inappropriate behavior by both BLM employees and their hired federal roundup contractors.  Overall, the report is just a heartbeat away from admitting wrongdoing but what gives, here?  Why this report, why the split of the team and why offer to generate some form of humane standards when handling wild horses and burros from roundup to long-term holding?  Why now?
We have seen plenty of videos and photos of the BLM and their contractors striking, hitting and harming wild horses and burros with sticks, whips, hotshots and helicopters.  Many of us have witnessed multitudes of whitewashed internal investigations come and go. We have had a variety of legal cases brought forward against the BLM and their wild horse harvesting machine.  What’s different now?  Why this public game of finger pointing?  I will tell you why; because they are for the first time answering to a federal judge on the issue of inappropriate conduct.
Plaintiff Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Freedom Federation who has been on the road for two years amassing more documentation on roundups than any single individual including government personnel, may have brought the case before the judge but that was only the spark that lit the fire and now it is the BLM that is caught in the crosshairs of the honorable Judge McKibben who’s pending ruling will address the request for a postponement of roundups until a policy is in place that outlines humane handling and a system of consequences for violations.  That is what has gotten Bob Abbey and his BLM’s attention.
The questions that the public should be asking now are; “Why is the BLM currently conducting roundups where inhumane handling is being documented prior to the judge’s ruling?”
“Why are the helicopters still flying after their own report demonstrates the need for a standard of care for the only living animal in the history of nation with an entire Act of Congress devoted to its protection.?”
Enquiring minds would like to know.

Photos by Laura Leigh of Calico Roundup going on NOW!!!

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