Monday, December 26, 2011

Everything You Wanted to Know about “War Horse” but were Afraid Ask

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Links, Reviews and Stories on Equine Epic

As of late it has been a difficult ride for the horses of the United States of American, both domestic and wild.  From the gaff of language being stripped from an Ag bill that defunded horse slaughter plant inspections and then signed by the President to the rapid, cruel and possibly unlawful trapping and removal of protected wild horses and burros from public lands by Obama’s BLM; things have been bleak and looked like they were heading south, until…enter stage left, Steven Spielberg with his latest epic film War Horse.  If ever the American public needed to be informed on the plight of the American horse it is now and Mr. Spielberg just opened up that conversation on Christmas Day.
Although I have yet to see the film, myself, I am certain that the story telling of Spielberg will shine a positive note on the heart and spirit of our equine companions.  As crooked politicians on the take plan on killing our horses for their meat and the BLM Chopper Pilots run our wild ponies into the dust this film will help to ignite a flame in the heart of the American public and shine a bright light of honesty and decency on the horse eaters and pony trappers of the world.  A conversation of awareness has begun and it is up to us to fan the flame of advocacy and inform, enrich and coach those who are unaware of the anti-horse forces that move amongst us.  The tide may have shifted.
To help fuel your interest and promote your insight we have been collecting links to stories, reviews and informative articles that center on the story of the movie War Horse and those who star in it.
Below you will find a wealth of links that we have carefully tucked away for your perusal so sit back, enjoy and click away.  By the time you finish the tour you may find that you know more about the movie than those who have already seen it.  Enjoy and keep the faith.

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