Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Horsemeat is Big Business

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Story by Victor Thorn of The American Free Press

Noted Advocate Places Blame Squarely on Obama’s Shoulders

When Barack Obama signed the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill on Nov. 18, it opened a door for the renewed slaughter of over 100,000 horses per year on American soil. Some of the president’s most ardent loyalists felt personally betrayed by this move because Obama had initially supported the 2009 Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503) which outlawed the transportation or purchase of horses for the intent of human consumption.
During a Dec. 6 interview, Jerry Finch, president of Habitat for Horses, voiced his disappointment to this writer. “The Obama administration stabbed us in the back. He flat-out lied to us. Obama has the ability to initiate an Executive Order that says our borders are closed to the transportation of horses for the purpose of slaughter, while no horses could be killed domestically, either. The president promised us, and he needs to stand up to his promises.”
Without any regulations on this industry, America could see a return to the 1980s when over 300,000 horses were slain annually. Finch speaks for many in this nation that are appalled by such savagery. “The vast majority of people are against horse slaughter,” he began. “But a small minority in the horse slaughter business can make billions a year shipping horse meat to Europe and Asia via their shell corporations. According to some reports, they can get $26-30 a pound for horse meat.”
When asked about advocates of this legislation that claim slaughtering horses inside America is more humane than trucking them to Mexico or Canada, Finch responded, “There are a hellacious number of pedophiles that travel overseas to fiddle around with little kids. So, using that logic, shouldn’t we just open up pedophile centers here in America? If something is wrong over there, it’s wrong here, too.”
To provide a brief glimpse into the pervasive cruelty being exerted upon these horses, Finch spoke with a distinct sadness when describing what takes place inside these slaughterhouses. “The practice is more than horrifying. It’s a common occurrence to poke out a horse’s eyes so that they won’t resist or attack anyone while being corralled.”
When asked about the primary culprits behind this barbarity, Finch explained, “Nevada is one of the states hungry for more processing plants. But the American Quarter Horse Association is mostly responsible.”
Finch then described their dirty little secret. “This association breeds more horses than anyone else, but most horses can’t be sold for a profit. So, they sell the rest to slaughterhouses where they can make $200 or $300 per horse. There are too many horses because they’re being bred like mad. The real problem doesn’t lie with slaughterhouses, but with the breeders.”
There is, however, some hope of humanity, as Finch told AFP. “Horse slaughterers can’t operate in states that already specifically outlaw this practice. It’s also important for people to understand that only one-percent of the horse population is being killed. The other 99 percent are being cared for. Isn’t it coincidental, though, that there’s such a high demand for the meat of those ‘unwanted’ horses in the one-percent?”
As a closing thought, Finch made a plea. “I wish I knew someone that knew President Obama’s daughters so that they could go up to him and say: Daddy, why are you doing this to those horses?”

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