Saturday, November 13, 2010

BLM Claims to Know Identity of “Animal Abuser” Cyber Bully

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Director of the HfH Advisory Committee

It is confirmed that “Animal Abuser After YOU” is BLM

BLM's "Animal Abuser" hard at work

According to an exclusive article on Horseback Magazine Online a top placed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) official has confirmed that the agency has obtained the identity of the employee who attempted to post a public comment on this blog with the user name of “Animal Abuser” and an email address of A finely tuned spam filter diverted the post and emailed it to this reporter’s attention, as the blog’s admin, for moderation and approval. Unbeknownst to the BLM Cyber-Bully was the fact that we record IP addresses and the address verified that the threatening message came directly from a government BLM computer DURING normal office hours.

Sent: Tue, November 9, 2010 5:12:10 PM
Subject: [Straight from the Horse's Heart] Please moderate: “BLM Takes Wild Horse Killing to Oregon”

A new comment on the post “BLM Takes Wild Horse Killing to Oregon” is waiting for your approval

Author : Animal Abuser (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
You ALL have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on your hands to sit around bitching. And M****, could you really be so stupid to think that the BLM has hired animal abusers?? Honestly- you all need to get a life. If you really cared, you would search out the truth, and stop spending so much time with narrow blinders on. No one is perfect, not the BLM, not YOU. If you really want to see something done differently, you would pick a different approach.”

The BLM is currently fighting a Public Relations disaster with their ill founded and deadly wild horse stampedes and for the agency to have within their ranks employees who actively and publicly identify themselves for what they obviously truly are has set the agency into a World Wide Web tail spin.

This blog has carried several stories on this issue (Click 1) (Click 2) while editor and founder of All HorsePost, Nell Walton, has likewise attacked this sort of blatant assault upon citizens rights (Click1) (Click2). Acclaimed author and editor/publisher Steven Long has picked up the banner and is demanding an investigation into the matter (Click1) (Click2). Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Twitter, Care2 and more are aflame with stories on the cyber-bulling of the BLM and their out of control employee.

But that’s not all that haunts the BLM on the internet. Wild horse Laura Leigh received an email from a BLM official stating that she would be notifying the SWAT team that Laura was planning to visit a wild horse adoption facility. What gives?

“I need a application for adoption and also payment before the animals are
picked up. Do you have an approved adoption application? I know you said
you was working on it with John Neil. Also, the pickup is by appointment
only. We have to have a clearance, and also SWAT notified in advance.
Let me know!
~* Dona *~

Dona A. Bastian
Wildhorse & Burro Specialist
Gunnison Prison Facility Manager
Utah State Office”

As the BLM travels farther and farther down the road of destroying the last of our wild horses and burros the volume IS increasing from concerned U.S. citizens, the same citizens that pay taxes and vote. There is nothing either illegal or threatening in:

1.) Calling, writing or faxing our elected representatives on the issue.

2.) Demanding full access to witness and document the illegal stampedes.

3.) Requiring full disclosure on how the horses are handled post stampede and where they are warehoused.

4.) Raising our voices to enlighten the unknowing general public on the issue of the managed extinction of our wild horses.

5.) Etc., etc., etc.

So why the increased assault on First Amendment rights and outspoken individuals attempting to affect change in a legal and respectable fashion?

Could it be guilt?

Could it be a secret agenda?

Could it be the fact that it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission?

Could it be that the BLM is just flat out of control and even now the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing?

Whatever the reason, the time for cleaning house is long past due. If the BLM employees who made the statements above are removed from service it is only the action of treating the symptom and not eradicating the illness for be it today or tomorrow another like case will rear its ugly head and both the horses and public will continue to be pushed down this trail of tears with no hope of winning…unless there’s a house cleaning and there is no time like now to do so.

Mr. Abbey, your house is out of order. It’s time you get in front of this thing and make it work. The horses are running out of time and we, the American people, are running out of patience.

Fix it and fix it now, for the love of God and the horses, make it so.

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