Thursday, November 11, 2010

Horse Slaughter “Summit” Organizer Caught in Web of Lies

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Story by Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher of “Horseback Magazine

United Horsemen’s Dave Duquette Speaks with Foul, Forked Tongue

United Horsemen's David Duquette, stranger to the truth but a friend of foul language - photo courtesy of "Cussing" Dave Duquette's public Facebook Page
HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management will not lose the services of its $140,259 Wild Horse and Burro Program director, Don Glenn, for even a minute to attend a planned slaughter “summit” in Las Vegas.
Glenn’s name was among those of several high government officials who were called to the nation’s gambling capital by an obscure pro-slaughter group, United Horsemen.
Besides Glenn, the event claims to have invited other Interior Department and BLM officials including Dr. Boyd Spratling, a member of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, and Sylvia Baca, Under Secretary of the Interior.
BLM Chief Washington spokesman Tom Gorey earlier said none of the officials had confirmed they would be going.
However, United Horsemen founder Dave Duquette challenged Horseback’s story saying Glenn had indeed confirmed he was coming to the slaughter summit.
“Your journalistic integrity is in question after Don Glenn and I had a long conversation about Your Lies (sic). He did not say those things to you and I do know who did. Stop bullshitting. That person was out of line for telling you what was already CONFIRMED,” he said in a series of emails to the magazine yesterday that were laced with profanity.
The emails also attacked acclaimed equine author R.T. Fitch, and John Holland, president of the Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance.
Gory re-confirmed his earlier statement regarding Glenn Wednesday morning.
“Don is not going to the conference,” he said.
The BLM is under fire from wild horse advocates for an accelerated capture program that has taken tens of thousands of protected animals from their native habitat in the American West. The agency is often accused of selling wild Mustangs to slaughter, a charge Gorey stoutly denies.
Duquette’s organization claims the abolition of legal horse slaughter in the United States has destroyed the low end of the horse market despite USDA reports to the contrary. While horses are no longer going to packers in the United States, thousands are still being shipped abroad to Mexico and Canada.
Duquette is a professional working cow horse trainer from Hermiston, Oregon.
Breakout sessions are billed as The Politics of Land and Horses, The U.S. Horse Industry – Protecting Our Horseback Cultures and Livelihoods, Efforts to Provide Humane and Economically Viable Options, and Canadian and United States Connections in the Equine Economy.
Also invited are newly elected Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, David Martosko, Temple Grandin, rodeo stock contractor Ike Sankey, John Falen of the Public Lands Council, and Bill and Jann Parker of the Billings horse auction.
Duquette has made no further claims about the attendance of any of these officials. Gorey told Horseback Magazine Wednesday that his earlier statement that no BLM officials had accepted the invitation still stands.


  1. Naomi Brown, Hermiston, ORNovember 11, 2010 at 5:45 PM

    Unfortunately, those against horse slaughter in the U.S. don't deal in facts or even experience. How can facts have anything to do with a fantasy world grounded in emotions and unrealistic dreams? We, as true horse people, are pro-slaughter and live in the real world and handle real horses. We see the industry every day, we live it. We enjoy the horses we have contact with every day, we appreciate them and partner with them in both our careers and hobbies. But we also appreciate the fact that legal horse slaughter in the U.S. is necessary. None of us enjoys it! We just recognize it's place. We all have looked for ways to keep good, usable and sound horses from unnecessarily being slaughtered, but sometimes it just cannot be avoided especially in today's current economy. But sick, old and unwanted horses only have their living conditions worsened and their suffering unnecessarily prolonged when legal slaughter is not available. Have you seen what the Mexican slaughter plants do to the horses during transport and before slaughter? It's inhumane and largely unregulated. It is detrimental to all horses to ban slaughter and counter-productive to waste time campaigning against slaughter. If you are one of those that is against slaughter, why not spend time and money building a horse retirement facility for dropping off sick and unwanted horses. Or, better yet, why not spend your time and money searching for the elusive unicorn?? Since drawing attention to the strong language that Dave Duquette used to drive his point home is your main focus, I'd like to let you know that we see right through your "smoke and mirrors" tactics to draw people's attention away fromthe heart of the matter. Shame on you for wasting time on a bash article instead of doing something to help the very real problems we face!! The problems created by banning horse slaughter! Now, I'll let you get back to your hunt for that unicorn....

  2. While you can say its just a search for the unicorn that is ridiculous. In reality its a search for those with a heart and soul. Any GOOD horse owner with a sick or elderly horse should have their COMPANION animal euthanized and not butchered in a scary and strange place. After all - cannot you not say that if you truly love an animal you would never ever even think to allow it such distress and suffering by the hands of strangers!?!?!? Those that cannot care for their animals and give them the dignity and respect that they deserve in death should not have them at all in life. That's my opinion. As for David - its all about the all mighty dollar as it is with so many. He worries more about the re-sale price of his horse than the suffering of so many thousands of others so he would rather see thousand of horses slaughtered in terror and pain just so he can turn a buck! SICKENING if you ask me. And pathetic. I know many that know him and now say they wouldn't trust him with a rat let alone a horse. His words speak volumes about his thought process and his true value and love of horses.

  3. I work to help horses find a home. I dont chase unicorns. When will the pro slaughter people quit saying it is necessary evil! IT is Necessary for horse owners to pony up and take care of their animals they have "contact" with.
    The Govt knows what is happening if someone offered them money (donations/contributes)yes they would make changes so as long as the ranchers and horse associations continue to throw money for re-opening slaughterhouses. they will keep dragging their toes for those "bleeding heart" horse rescuers.
    If you think the US slaughterhouses wont open well guess what they are working on tribal lands to open them. How can they get away with it? They are located on reservation land which is regulated different then public land. It is all about money and who can line the most pockets.
    The days of being responsible owner is over it is easier to just sell or give to the the slaughter people and make it their problem. Let the bleeding heart rescue people save the horses... Blah blah. IF YOU TOOK RESPONSIBILTY IT WOULD BE AS LARGE OF PROBLEM AS IT IS....
    But it seems it it easier to pass the buck.
    Shelley G., Washington State

  4. I think it all comes down to responsible ownership, just like our problems with over-population of cats and dogs. Too many horses bred, not enough responsible homes. We've waged war against the "puppy mills" which are the root of the problem in the dog world. Horse breeders need to be accountable for spewing thousands of foals into the horse market year after year, when many of them will not have homes, yet the breeders do the very same thing the very next year. Since horses live to be twenty or so, it becomes exponential, yet the breeders still spew out thousands of foals every year. You'd think they would get the message, as horse prices continue to spiral downward. It's economics 101. Supply and demand. Stop breeding, folks.

  5. My Conversation With Dave Duquette On Private Message On Facebook:
    Dave Duquette November 13 at 1:45pm Report
    I am getting alot of badgering Activists wanting to friend me for purposes of harassment, by your profile I am guessing you might be one. Sorry if that offends you and if that is not your intention then I will gladly accept.
    Gayle-Suzanne Barron November 13 at 2:05pm
    Why Would Someone Want To Badger You?
    You Love Horses, Right?
    You Can Not Be All Bad! :-)
    TEE HEE! ;-)
    Someone Recommended You To Me! ;-)
    Yes, I Am Actively Supporting Stopping Abuse Of All Animals, But To Use A Horse For What It Is Intended Is Noble Indeed! ;-)
    I Have Squirrels That Water Ski (All Orphans And We Use Them To Educate People Not To Kill Them, About Boat And Water Safety)!
    So, Your Choice! ;-)
    Love, Joy And Peace Be With You, Always! ;-) Dave Duquette November 13 at 2:10pm Report
    I am not bad, but I support bringing back Slaughter to help keep horses from starving to death. Thats why I get badgered. Look at the Summit of the Horse FB page and you will see. Temple Grandin is my friend and is speaking at the Summit. We are dealing with the two Hardest issues horses face. I do love horses and thats why I am doing what I do.
    Gayle-Suzanne Barron November 13 at 2:49pm
    Starving To Death Or Brutal Horrific Frightening Babaric Death?
    Tough Choice, Huh?
    But There Are Much Better Ways To Handle This Horse Situation By Pooling Our Resources.
    We In The World Of Horse Rescue Are Doing It Every Day, So Why Cannot The Owners And Breeders Do The Same?
    People Should Not Be Breeding Horses If They Are Not Going To Take Care Of Them Properly Or Make Sure They Are Being Taken Care Of Properly When Sold.
    If You Cannot Sell And Find A Proper Home For A Horse, Then Do Not Breed Them.
    We are over populated with horses because of the breeders more than any thing else.
    There are no "Unwanted Horses Only Homeless Horses".
    Sincerely, Do Your Home Work On The Entire Issue.
    Treating Them With Respect And Love Is Of The Upmost Importance, Much More Than Breeding The Perfect Horse Or Money.
    (Continued Below)

  6. My Conversation On Private Message On Facebook Continued:
    Just A Powerful Thought (Excuse The Capital Letters, This Is Something I Wrote For Something Else):


    I disagree with Equine Slaughter!
    There is no justification for the barbaric tortuous abuse and death of animals, any animals, especially our horses who have dedicated and given their lives to us throughout history to create civilization.
    We would had to have walked here without them.
    They deserve SO MUCH BETTER from us.
    God gaves us Stewardship over the earth and animals.
    It is written in Scripture that horses are not to be eaten.
    It is Biblical to protect and provide our animals even if they are used for food.
    The Bible says "Your animal should eat before you do".
    Look Up "Animal Welfare" In Your Bible.
    Torturing, abusing or murdering any living being for enjoyment is a sin God says.
    On Judgement Day God will ask "Who did you love and how did you love them? What did you do with the blessings I intrusted with you?"
    How are you going to answer those questions?
    Please, do your homework, reconsider and join us in the fight to give horses the life, love and respect they deserve.
    We can ALL do this if we work together:
    Geldng Funds
    Hay Funds
    Care Funds
    Rehoming Networking And Funds
    Humane Euthanasia Funds, Etc.
    All These Are Being Done In Rescues Every Day.
    Can you imagine what a better world this would be when we all work together?
    The money is out there.
    If You Really Love Horses Then Truly Work On Their Behalf, Not Against Them.
    Equine Slaughter Is Wrong!
    No Excuses.
    God Will Bless You For Loving, Honoring And Obeying Him And Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, For Being An Angel Of Mercy And For Being A Blessing To All Of His Precious Creations (People, Animals And Our Earth) So You Will Bless More Abundantly!
    Dave Duquette November 13 at 2:58pm Report
    I live in a different world than you do, enough said

  7. Gayle-Suzanne Barron November 13 at 3:04pm
    God Is In Control, He Knows The Truth And He Has The Final Decision!
    I will pray for you, just as I pray for God's Precious Creations People And Animals!
    Have A Blessed Day! ;-) Gayle-Suzanne Barron November 13 at 3:09pm
    I was reading Psalm 37 and it spoke to me of this evil the horses are being forced to endure:
    "Do not worry about the wicked.
    Do not envy those who do wrong.
    For like grass, they soon fade away.
    Like Springtime flowers, they soon wither.
    Trust in the Lord and do good.
    Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.
    Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your hearts desires.
    Commit everything you do to the Lord.
    Trust Him, and He will help you.
    He will make your innocence as clear as the dawn, and the justice of your cause will shine like the noon day sun.
    Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act.
    Do not worry about evil people who prosper or fret about thieir wicked schemes." Psalm 37:1-7
    Pray Without Ceasing, Trust The Lord And Do Good, Is How I Endure My Pain For These Precious Creations Of God! ;-)
    Amen! ;-)

    That Was The End Of Our Conversation!
    And He Says, "I do love horses and thats why I am doing what I do", RIGHT, Sure He Does, For Money???!!!